AJT Systems Adopts NewTek NDI for IP Production Workflow


Thursday, April 14, 2016 – 12:38 pm
AJT Systems, a software development company that develops real-time live to air graphics rendering and video server systems for the broadcast TV industry, announced its adoption of the NewTek NDI (Network Device Interface) standard for its award-winning LiveBook GFX Scorebug System.  With NDI enabled, the LiveBook GFX will be recognizable as a source by other NDI-enabled devices and systems connected to a standard Ethernet local area network, exponentially increasing the number of video sources available for live production.

“We are confident that IP workflows will revolutionize video production,” says Michael Kornet, EVP of Business Development for NewTek. “AJT Systems is highly respected both at NewTek and within the industry. By AJT Systems enthusiastically embracing NewTek NDI, best-of-breed products like the LiveBook GFX will help make NDI the most widely adopted IP standard on the market and in the hands of customers today.”

UntitledFor broadcasters using the LiveBook GFX with their NewTek TriCaster workflow, the NewTek NDI will allow them to take in even more network video sources for graphics, replay, etc. This new standard for live production IP workflow is bi-directional and backwards compatible with a large number of devices and applications from top manufacturers already utilizing NewTek’s open standard allowing IP connectivity between products. LiveBook GFX will be part of the NewTek Developer Network, the industry’s largest ecosystem of IP-enabled products using the same standard.

“We are really excited about NDI and the potential benefits to our clients,” says AJT Systems President, Ron Linares. “The technology is well positioned to deliver excellent performance with off the shelf IT infrastructure. This will be a game changer in video production, allowing customers to “plug and play” bi-directional video, audio and meta data over simple category cable and COTS Ethernet switches. With this first release of our product on NDI we are supporting bi-directional video, enabling our product to receive NDI sources to composite in our 3D renderer while outputting the result as an NDI source to TriCaster. We have also enabled real time analysis of video in our product, supporting OCR (Optical Character Recognition) converting NDI video into data streams. This is just the beginning of innovations we will bring to our product enabled by NewTek’s NDI.”

AJT Systems will showcase their NDI-enabled 4th Generation LiveBook GFX Scorebug System with exciting new SportApps and features at NAB 2016.

AJT Systems’ new Baseball SportApp will give baseball and softball production teams the ability to broadcast high end graphics with the category-leading ease of use that only AJT Systems’ can deliver. And with new DVE OCR (Optical Character Recognition), Broadcast Template Manager including Lower Third and Full Screen Insert Graphic Support, and Player Info features, the LiveBook GFX continues to offer premium features at an affordable price.