AJT Systems begins shipping LIVEBOOK GFX ScoreBug Play-out Systems

(SportsVideo.org) – As of July 25th, AJT Systems has officially begun shipping out their LIVEBOOK GFX™ scorebug system with the new Basketball SportApp™ application. The Basketball SportApp™ is AJT Systems’ latest release for the LIVEBOOK GFX™ – a sport-specific score bug play-out solution tailored to basketball productions – promoting an intuitive workflow and offering compelling, Score Bug graphics. The stunning user interface includes unique features, such as a preview channel and on-air monitoring with smart zoom (Patent Pending).   The score bug supports automatic (from arena scoreboard feed) clock and score updates, seamless header messages, sponsor and network logo insertion, and uses full motion animation for transitions on/off air, show messages, score change, sponsors, bonus, timeouts, etc.



The Basketball SportApp™ playout software comes preloaded on the 2nd Generation LIVEBOOK GFX™. This powerful, portable, production-ready system comes with a Video IO box, Thunderbolt cables, and AJT Systems’ Camino™ template authoring software for endless customization possibilities. After introducing the Basketball SportApp™ to the broadcast industry at NAB 2014, College Sports Summit 2014, and other events, AJT System’s is very excited to start shipping this unique, highly anticipated software.


The SportApp™ applications were designed for clients who want to produce a game with a reliable but simple workflow, without sacrificing a high-end broadcast look. And AJT Systems’ President, Mr. Ron Linares, is confident the SportApps™ application will be the new go-to product for these customers:


We are really excited about launching the LIVEBOOK GFX this week. The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive at NAB and the recent SVG College Sports Summit. To me this really affirms that AJT is leading the way in innovation, delivering a product with features that our clients need. I look forward to the successful deployment of the LIVEBOOK GFX for the upcoming sport season.


AJT Systems’ LIVEBOOK GFX™ and SportApp™ technology has received positive feedback from all levels of the broadcast industry, including being named a 2014 StudioDaily Prime Awards Finalist in its first debut at NAB 2014. StudioDaily Judge Nathan Adams, Producer and Post Production Supervisor at Cinematomic, was truly captivated with the LIVEBOOK GFX™:


“I was really impressed with LIVEBOOK GFX system. It’s a well-thought out, feature-rich solution for sports graphics on broadcast television. If you’re looking for a solution to integrate a new solution for live scores and similar graphics into a live sporting event, look no further.”



The Basketball SportApp™ has the following sport-specific features:

  • Automatic (from Arena Scoreboard Feed) and Manual Game Clock
  • Shot Clock
  • Automatic (from Arena Scoreboard Feed) and Manual Home/Visitor Scores.
  • Automatic (from Arena Scoreboard Feed) and Manual Period
  • Bonus
  • Timeouts
  • Header Messages for displaying Basketball Stats and other information
  • Network/Sponsor Logo Insertion
  • Preloaded with NBA and NCAA leagues

AJT Systems is offering a limited time Launch Promotion that includes a complimentary Startup Package of Creative Services. So for no additional charge, LIVEBOOK customers can get a custom, full motion animation template with their school or network’s on-air graphical look on the LIVEBOOK GFX™.

AJT Systems plans on releasing their Soccer and Baseball SportApps™ for the LIVEBOOK GFX™ in the second half of the year, with Hockey & Football SportApps™ to follow.

Sport Specific Score Bug

For more information please visit www.ajtsystems.com or e-mail sales@ajtsystems.com for a quote.