AJT Systems Releases Baseball Scorebug System ahead of 2016 Season

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AJT Systems has announced, ahead of the 2016 Baseball Season, that their LiveBook GFX™ Scorebug System is now available for baseball and softball broadcasts. The newly released Baseball SportApp™ application is expected to be a game-changer in the industry, allowing baseball producers to enhance their broadcasts with ESPN-quality graphics on a robust yet affordable system that boasts category-leading ease of use.

AJT Systems has been developing hardware and software solutions for the broadcast industry for over 15 years. Their latest product offering, the award-winning LiveBook GFX™ Scorebug System, is an easy to use, high-end scorebug system available in a compact lap top form factor. The sport-specific SportApp™ applications loaded onto the system allow operators to easily broadcast graphics for their particular sport, and the friendly user interface requires very little training to navigate.

The new Baseball SportApp™, designed for broadcasting both baseball and softball games, includes many new features that are sure to excite their users. One such feature, “Player Info”, allows broadcasters to load player data, including headshots, for displaying player-specific graphics.BBall Pic 2

As with the other sport-specific SportApps™ released by AJT Systems, this Baseball SportApp™ has a one-of-a-kind user interface that allows for previewing graphics and animations before taking them to air, with real-time output monitoring via the program window. It also ships with their template editor, Camino™, giving users full graphics customization capabilities.

The LiveBook GFX™ is available as both a rental unit and for purchase. For pricing, or to schedule an online demo, please contact sales@ajtsystems.com. Additionally, AJT Systems’ will be conducting live demonstrations of this new Baseball Scorebug System at the 2016 NAB Convention in Las Vegas next month at their Booth#

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