AJT Systems Releases New Hockey SportApp™

(SVG Insider – July 12, 2016) AJT Systems has added to their suite of award-winning SportApps™ with the release of their new Hockey SportApp™. The Hockey SportApp™ user interface and templates are tailored to Hockey – promoting an intuitive workflow and offering compelling Score Bug layouts with hockey graphics. As with all of AJT’s sport-specific SportApps™, the stunning user interface includes unique features, such as a preview channel and on-air monitoring with their patented Smart Zoom technology.   The score bug supports automatic game and penalty clocks, score updates, Go To Break and hockey graphics, seamless header messages, insert graphics, sponsor and network logo insertion, and uses full motion animation for all transitions.

The Hockey SportApp™ has the following sport-specific features:

  • -Automatic and Manual Game Clock
  • -Automatic and Manual Penalty Clocks
  • -Automatic and Manual Home/Visitor Scores.
  • -Automatic and Manual Period
  • -Hockey Graphics & Fanfare Animations
  • -League-Driven Rules for NHL, AHL, NCAA, and more
  • -Header Messages
  • -Network/Sponsor Logo Insertion, including timed sponsor support
  • -Goal Scorer
  • -Penalized Player
  • -Game Situations

AJT Systems’ aims to create the best playout applications for each sport,” said AJT Systems President, Mr. Ron Linares. “The Hockey SportApp™ is especially unique given the penalty clock functionality, which was designed to automatically track and update game situations based on active penalties. This application has been well received by Hockey broadcasters, and we look forward to creating a new level of ease of use in the industry for this complex sport.”

The Camino™ template authoring tool includes full Unicode support, advanced text formatting, support for multiple graphic file formats, video and audio clip playback, real-time keyframe based animation, intelligent data driven transitions, 3D objects, and 3D DVE. Rich, dynamic content can be easily generated to create a unique look for your sports Score Bug, Go To Break, and Insert Graphics. The Camino™ editor for the on-air look is full featured like a traditional Character Generator system, only with an easier workflow similar to graphics tools like Photoshop and AfterEffects.


With this new addition, the LiveBook GFX™ can now support Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, Hockey, Curling, Bowling, Rugby, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Water Polo, Volleyball, and a variety of other sports. To schedule a demo, or for rental and/or purchase pricing, please contact sales@ajtsystems.com.

About AJT Systems

AJT Systems develops software and turnkey systems for live-to-air graphics rendering and video servers targeted to the Broadcast industry. Our products are in use 24/7/365 with domestic and international broadcasters, delivering compelling, high-quality full-motion graphics in mission critical applications.