Introducing the LiveBook GFX LE touch at NAB 2018

LiveBook GFX LE touch

AJT Systems introduces the latest in it’s lineup of sports graphics products the LiveBook GFX LE touch. Building on the success of the LiveBook line the LE touch brings a touchscreen tablet form factor with a new user interface that is fully optimized for touchscreen operation. For an impressive live demonstration of the LiveBook GFX LE touch and the full AJT Systems Product Line, come visit us at NAB SL5516 in the NDI Pavilion.

SportApps 3.0 with AJT’s TOPTM

The Touch Optimized Playout (TOPTM) user interface in the SportApps 3.0 was created to bring an exciting and revolutionary “graphics switcher” experience to real-time graphics enabling ease of use and consistent playout by any operator.

Quick Action Buttons

A new feature of the TOPTM user interface in the SportApps 3.0 is the ability to take a Page, a Playlist or a Clip to  the Preview or the Program channel with a single touch from within the Playout Tab. This exciting new feature will also allow users to create and quickly playout Playlists of Pages, Header Messages, Sponsors, Score-Bug and Go To break. In this new section the operator can also play Clips directly to the Preview or the Program Channel without the need to create pages. Quick Action Buttons contain a graphic preview of the template for easier identification of each page.

Opta Automated Stats Plug-in for Soccer

Opta Sports is now part of the AJT Systems LiveBook GFX real-time statistics providers. Please contact us through the Dashboard to obtain a copy of the Plugin.

Dual Channel NDI Graphics Output

AJT Systems will be demonstrating at NAB 2018 the dual NDI channel capability of the LiveBook GFX NDI and SDI systems. This feature is currently available to all customers.

Tablet Form Factor

The Sport Apps 3.0 have been optimized to run on a tablet form factor. The graphics processing and control all run on the tablet. No External hardware or servers required! The system’s capability lets you run ESPN3 compatible graphics or our popular stock graphic looks all from a 4 lb device. Want to go wireless? Send your graphics over WIFI with NDITM wireless capability