NAB 2014 Product Preview: AJT Systems Presents the 2nd Generation LiveBook GFX™

(SVG Spring Sports Tech Journal) AJT Systems’ will be debuting their 2nd Generation LiveBook GFX™ at NAB 2014.




AJT is very excited about this latest offering, with its stunning broadcast templates and redesigned UI. The score bug uses full motion animations for transitioning  on/off air, showing messages, score changes, sponsor changes, etc. The revolutionary UI supports a preview channel and on-air output monitoring.  Included in the system is AJT’s Camino™ intuitive and feature rich editor enabling customized, sophisticated on-air looks.


This groundbreaking product is highly portable and designed with ease of use as a key factor. For each sport the LiveBook™ uses a specific “SportsApp™” that has a custom user interface to ensure quick and accurate data entry, and easy setup for stadium scoreboard systems. Currently they are supporting Basketball with their SportsApp™, and plan on adding Soccer and Baseball in the first half of the year.