NBA Upgrades to AJT Systems’ LiveBook GFX™ & LiveServer GFX™ to enhance broadcasts

SVG Insider (December 8, 2015) – The National Basketball Association has selected AJT Systems’ LiveBook GFX™ and LiveServer GFX™ Scorebug systems for their NBA TV broadcasts, significantly enhancing their Scorebug and graphical presentation capabilities. NBA TV prides itself on its exceptional coverage of NBA games. Now, with the adoption of AJT System’s award-winning Basketball SportApp™ Software, NBA fans can rely on AJT to continue to power high quality Sports Graphics during NBA TV broadcasts!

new LiveBook PictureAJT Systems has been developing top-of-the-line broadcast graphics for over 15 years, and has emerged as a leading sports broadcast graphics solution provider, with over 4000 live events a year produced with their technology. Leveraging its deep industry expertise, AJT Systems unleashed a new generation of sports graphics products with high-end capability, ease of use, and ultra-portability in the LiveBook GFX™ – the world’s first Scorebug system available in a lap top form factor.


“AJT Systems is a sports broadcast technology leader and an industry recognized innovator in broadcast graphics,” said AJT Systems President, Ron Linares. “Our mission is to provide dynamic, informative and entertaining ScoreBug graphics that are reliably and effortlessly deployed into broadcast environments. We empower our clients with superior technology, enabling them to focus on creating great content for their sports fans. It’s been our pleasure and privilege to partner with the NBA over the last 10 years, powering their outstanding sports broadcasts with class-leading Scorebug graphics solutions and services. We are excited to see them move to our latest innovative systems – the LiveBook GFX™ and LiveServer GFX™.”

The LiveBook GFX™ with Basketball SportApp™ will not only allow the NBA to broadcast games using a portable laptop system small enough to fit in a backpack, but will also streamline  production for operators, with a common user interface across devices. The LiveServer GFX™ (a rackmount server version of the LiveBook GFX™) boasts a high-end NVIDIA® Quadro® K5200. The LiveServer GFX™ comes in several configurations to fit varying broadcast environments. Every system is loaded with AJT Systems’ unique SportApp™ Scorebug playout software, delivering high-quality graphics in a reliable system that is incredibly powerful yet easy to use.Liveserver

AJT Systems’ SportApp™ software was designed with the user in mind with a highly intuitive interface that requires very little operator training. The SportApp™ allows for multiple workflows, such as previewing graphics before taking them to air, viewing the live output, as well as direct to broadcast graphics. Their SmartZoom technology (Patent Pending) allows for a one-of-a-kind view of the Scorebug in the SportApp™, zooming into the region of interest so the operator can view the graphic details in real-time. AJT Systems has created a new level of flexibility and ease-of-use not seen in this market.

AJT Systems’ LiveBook GFX™ and LiveServer GFX™ systems have garnished increasing attention at a variety of events, including the College Sports Summit in Atlanta and SVG Technology Summit in New York City in 2014. The LiveBook GFX™ was named a StudioDaily Prime Awards Finalist in the Post-Production Tools Category at NAB 2014, and in April won TV Technology “Best of Show” at NAB 2015.

AJT Systems plans on releasing a greatly expanded feature set and additional SportApps™ in 2016. Be sure to keep your eye on for their latest exciting developments!