At just 12 pounds and 16.25 inches wide, the system fits in a backpack and can be transported to remote broadcast venues; making it one of the most portable broadcast quality Sports Graphics systems in the world.


Score Bug rental comes with full support, including backup systems ready to deploy, and are a great solution for companies who want to broadcast an event with little effort or capital cost. Our experienced staff can assist in setting up shipping schedules for domestic or international venues. Due to the light weight and portability of the LiveBook GFX™, shipping costs are greatly reduced or can be completely saved if the system is hand carried to the venue. Currently offering scorebug rentals for the following: Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey and Football with support for additional sports (curling, rugby, volleyball, lacrosse, water polo, field hockey, etc) also available. Additional sports to be released in the near future.

Advantages to AJT Sport Graphic System Rentals

  • Test our products before you buy
  • Unparalleled level of operator ease of use, and efficiency
  • Preview any graphic data and animation in real-time
  • Supports real-time program video monitoring on our one of a kind UI (Patent Pending)
  • Broadcast ready template gallery included with rental – or have us load custom graphics for your event.
  • Rentals come fully supported with ability to contact After Hours support 7 days a week
  • Score bug system that is light enough to be carried in your back pack
  • Using AJT Systems’ rendering and playout software, our rentals boast the same reliability as a high-end rack based server system.
  • Leader in the market with unmatched technology, covering a large volume of events annually

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